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What people have been saying......

Singing My Song 

“We really liked the catchy hooks here, we loved the uplifting, yet bittersweet vibe and the great instrumentation! We thought the production was really on point, and we loved the singer's great vocal tone.” 

Maisionneuve Music

Feeling Good

“An uplifting rocker with a ton of classic rock influence. “

Will Oliver, New York blogger

Sunshine Blue

 “The wonderful sound of the strings coupled with the dreamy and rich vocals created a really enjoyable sound to the piece, providing a light and focused tone to the song. I especially enjoyed the more intense progression of the second half, introducing some new depths to the instrumental.” 

UNDERRATED Blogger "We All Want Someone To Shout For"

‘Good song with a nice vocal and a nice vibe. Nice arrangement and good backing vocals. Good instrumental and vocalline in our opinion’

Enroute Records 

"The instrumentation and vibes are wonderful"


 Coming Back To You

 “This is a fun and motivating piece with country influences and done with pop production. I liked the bass lines and the smooth piano melodies, original songwriting and expressive vocals “ 

Dimitris Efthimiou, Spotify playlister 

Thanks so much for such a lovely song! Wow, Angie's vocals are really amazing, we also love the catchy hooks and the nice uplifting vibe here!”  

Maisionneuve Music