About the music

” I like strong, memorable melodies in songs”, says Dave. “I like to keep the chords nice and simple and let the guitars and the vocals create the more complex tonal relationships in the music”. “I like to use dotted eighth delays on the guitars a lot too. They create a nice rhythmic movement on top of the drums and percussion”, says Dave. “The main drum parts are kept fairly simple which allows the instruments to create further layers of rhythm on top and alongside”.


Dave has played and recorded all the instruments on these tracks himself except for the saxophone that is on a couple of the songs on the upcoming EP which was played by John (JB). 

The drums were sequenced in Fruity Loops hit by hit using samples Dave had collected over the years, and then treated in the same way that a live kit recording is to get the same feel. The percussion (tambourine, shakers, rollers) are all played live with the same treatment to blend the sounds in nicely. 

The ‘radio ready’ sound of these tracks were all recorded and mixed on a DAW on Dave’s computer in a small acoustically treated room at home. “It’s amazing what you can do with a couple of decent microphones and a few good plugins on your computer”, says Dave. “You can do pretty much what a lot of the top engineers are doing on their hit records today”.