Behind the scenes

The lovely Sarah Henderson of
Henderson Photographics

An English lass by birth, brought up in Bunbury W.A. and trained in photography in Greece, Sarah came home eventually to set up the highly successful Henderson Photographics.
 With 24 years experience in the photography business, Sarah offers visual creativity to the studio 90 team. Being a part of shooting the band coming together and for its first single has been a really fun addition to her work as a commercial photographer. 

                                                               Behind the scenes of every visual aspect of Studio 90 are two gifted artists in their own right; Sarah Henderson and Chadd McNabb. 
Both have integrated their skills to provide stunning studio and behind the scenes shots and exciting video compilations for all of our videos and studio sessions. 


And Chadd McNabb of Luxambi  

Chadd was born in Albany and has lived in Bunbury for the last four years. He is a self-taught photographer and videographer, and attended SAE in Perth for a year before realising that he wasn’t learning anything he didn’t already know. Having travelled for a while he then studied building design (need a building designed?) but realised his love was for video work so he started his own company, Luxambi.These days he works variously on music videos, weddings, TVCs, online videos, documentaries and short films to name just a few.


Sarah Henderson

Snapping away

Look at those guns!

What a great studio

Chadd McNabb

Getting the perfect angle

Well that's my gear......