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We offer our EP October Sun for FREE. However, if you feel like making a small donation to help us to continue making and publishing the music you enjoy, any amount will be greatly appreciated.

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If you haven't done so already, check out our Spotify playlist we made just for you. Classic sounds from over the decades all in one playlist!
Also have a watch of our beautiful story of summer love in Sunshine Blue, the video.

The October Sun EP is a collection of love songs inspired in part by living in the great south west of Western Australia. With a happy vibe to all of them, they make for great listening when you are feeling good about life, but also when things aren’t going so well, and you need a bit of a lift.   

Featuring lead vocals from both Angie and John, this collection of songs all have strong ‘singalongable’ hooks in them that can pop back into your mind pleasurably at any time of the day.   

” I like strong, memorable melodies in songs”, says  Dave, “And I like to keep the chords nice and simple and let the guitars and the vocals create the more complex tonal relationships in the music”.

Click on image to go to Youtube video

Click on image to go to Youtube video