Long (ish) Bio


Born and raised in W.A. John studied music, learning to play the sexy saxophone and fronted the highly successful cover band, The New Romantics, before moving down to Bunbury where he started his own sound and lighting company now called Events West. He met Dave at a gig where he was doing the sound and lighting and Dave was performing alongside Brian Palmer as Dave And Brian Live. When Dave realised that John (JB) sang like an angel and played sax like the devil himself, he asked John to join them  and they went on to perform as Midlife Crisis for over eight years. 


Was singing before she even spoke! She fell in love with performing in primary school and had turned professional by the time she was in her teens, touring in the eastern states with a musical theatre troupe. She fronted several cover bands in South Australia, starting at the sweet age of sixteen, having to lie about her age to get into the venues. Along the way, Angie has supported national touring acts, been a session singer and sung backing vocals for the beautiful Julie Kember. Then she met Dave........


STUDIO 90 is a collaborative studio project. 

STUDIO 90 was born when songwriter/guitarist, Dave Meek asked vocalist and saxophonist and long-time friend, John (JB) Hayes to listen to some songs he’d been working on with a view to doing the vocals on them. “Sign me up!” JB said as soon as he heard them. Dave and John had previously worked together for years in the successful Bunbury based cover band, Midlifecrisis. “I knew John’s voice well and to a certain extent I had considered that in the lyrics and melodies, even before I had asked him ha ha”. 

Some of the songs were written for a female singer, “I had a certain tonal quality in mind that I was looking for” says Dave, and soon he was put in touch with vocalist Angie Williams. “I asked her to sing a couple of lines for me when she came around…...I was blown away…… that’s the voice”. 

Angie’s experience as a backing singer with various touring artists and with Julie Kember and her work in various cover bands around the region meant she picked up the gist of the songs fast and her self-harmonising was magical. Dave would sing roughly what he wanted her to sing, and she would come back with exactly what he wanted, complete with well worked out harmonies. A lot of the vocals on her tracks are first takes!  

STUDIO 90’s debut single, Sunshine Blue, is a summer love song and is as laid back as the title suggests, as is the recently released EP October Sun. “The songs are inspired by lazy, loving days in the sun,” says Dave Meek, “W.A. has some of the best beaches in the world and I’ve spent more than half of my life here, who couldn’t be inspired to write happy songs”. 

STUDIO 90’s sound has been likened to Coldplay meets Bryan Adams meets The Edge meets Keith Urban meets David Gilmore, but has its own distinctive signature. “I love dotted eighth delays on guitars”, says Dave, “They add an interesting rhythm to the parts that play off each other (inspired by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmore). I also love the interplay of different melodies in a song between the guitars and between the guitars and the vocals.” 

“ I’ve played all of the instruments on these songs except for the saxophone (on one of the tracks which will be on the upcoming EP) which JB graciously laid down for me,” says Dave. “The drum tracks were built hit by hit in Fruity Loops using samples I had collected over the years and then treated in exactly the same way that a live kit recording is. All the percussion I played myself. That’s what gives them the ‘live drums’ sound.” 








Grew up in England, but emigrated in 1989 to Australia with his wife, Daravann who was 7 months pregnant at the time. Dave’s twin brother Tim had been a successful guitarist and songwriter for many years in England, but music didn’t hit Dave until years later. 

 He formed a cover duo with Brian Palmer (Dave And Brian Live) and played the pubs in Bunbury for a while until they met John (JB) Hayes and formed the very successful Midlife Crisis. After nearly eight busy years with Midlife, Dave started itching to write and produce his own music. 

He did just that and along the way taught himself sound production and engineering techniques and started to record and mix his own songs at his house in Bunbury.