short bio

STUDIO 90 is a collaborative studio project and was born when songwriter/guitarist, Dave Meek asked vocalist and saxophonist and long-time friend, John (JB) Hayes to listen to some songs he’d been working on with a view to doing the vocals on them. “Sign me up!” JB said as soon as he heard them. 

Some of the songs were written for a female singer, “I had a certain tonal quality in mind that I was looking for” says Dave, and soon he was put in touch with vocalist Angie Williams. “I asked her to sing a couple of lines for me when she came around…...I was blown away…… that’s the voice”. 

STUDIO 90’s debut single, Sunshine Blue, is a summer love song and is as laid back as the title suggests, as is the recently released EP, ‘October Sun’. “The songs are inspired by lazy, loving days in the sun,” says Dave Meek, “W.A. has some of the best beaches in the world and I’ve spent more than half of my life here, who couldn’t be inspired to write happy songs”.